Food Service Industry

Restaurants, Bars, Dining Halls, Meal Preparation Facilities, Bakeries.

If you’re in the commercial food service industry you’re especially susceptible to the costly results of preventable accidents due to commonly found safety hazards at your establishment.

High volume foot trac combined with contact with glassware, knives, stoves and ovens, boiling water and friers,
and potentially hazardous walkway surfaces are all accidents waiting to happen.

In these conditions a minor slip and fall can easily turn into serious cuts and lacerations, severe burns, or worse.

"Restaurant Technologies" states that even minor injuries to food service workers cost an average of $6,000, while more serious injuries may run into tens of thousands of dollars and impact their ability to work for a year or more.

The good news is, most of these accidents are preventable when you work with Walkway Practitioner

Retail Establishments

Big Box, Department, Specialty, Grocery, Convenience, Discount Stores, and Supermarkets

With thousands of consumers visiting retail establishments
daily, the potential for costly trip and fall accidents are through the roof.

Add to that the regular rush of consumers trying to get the best deal on special discount days and the hazards from thousands of consumers tracking in dirt, mud and water to what is often already slick floors…

You have a recipe for accidents ready to happen.

With help from Walkway Practitioner you can begin protecting your business and your patrons to ensure you aren’t left vulnerable.

Other Industries We Serve

As foot trac increases, sodo potential accidents. That’ s why at Walkway Practitioner we aim to serve “high risk” industries to help them minimize risk, protect their business, and enjoy peace of mind.

  • Health and Wellness
    Spas, Nail Salons, Barber Shops, Gyms, Medical Spas, and Studios
  • Housing and Residential Communities
    Condominiums, Town Homes, Apartments, Hotels
  • Medical Facilities
    Clinics and Medical Offices, Blood Banks, Hospitals, Birthing Centers, Doctors Offices, Dialysis Centers
  • Local Municipalities, Cities, and Towns