According to the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) slip and fall accidents can cost a business $5800 per claim and up to $100,000 per incident inlitigationcosts.

Those kinds of unexpected expenses have the potential to cripple your business and hurt your reputation by those affected.

Yet, there’s no sign of these preventable accidents stopping. In fact, slip-and-fall lawsuits have remained on the rise and increased by over 300% since 1980.

So what can you do to minimize risk & protect your business?

It’s simple. When you Request a Walkway Inspection we’ll begin our 4 Step ‘Minimize Risk to Maximize Protection’ Process

How our 4 Step ‘Minimize Risk to Maximize Protection’ Process Works

  • Walkway Inspection: During an onsite visit, we’ll identify all safety risks, test walkway surfaces for slip resistance, and provide a holistic evaluation of your facility regarding OSHA Standards.
  • Walkway Service Plan: Our thorough walkway report will give you step by step instructions to bring your facility up to OSHA Standards and increase protection for your customers and employees.
  • Walkway Restoration Service: If necessary, we’ll remove hazards from your business with our fully managed restoration services.
  • Post Walkway Assurance: Should litigation ever occur, you’ll have an edge as you provide proof that you took accident prevention measures to protect your customers and employees

How Walkway Practitioner Helps

At Walkway Practitioner, we understand that litigation is more costly than preventative safety measures. We appreciate your desire to protect your employees, customers, and business from the undesirable effects of poor safety practices and hidden safety conditions.

That’s why we offer various solutions in the identification and education of safety issues to prevent the costly effects of poor safety practices and conditions at your business.

Contact us to and out how we can help you minimize risk, protect your business, and enjoy peace of mind today.

What You Can Expect After Using Walkway Practitioner Services

  • Ability to recognize and remove hazards from your business
  • Confidence that you reduced your workers from accidental injury
  • Increased informed and alert employees who take responsibility for their own and their coworker’s safety
  • Improved employee morale
  • Compliance with local, state and federal safety
  • Effective evidence that you took “accident prevention” measures to protect your customers and employees
  • Improved bottom line by Lowering Injury and illness rates, Decreased worker’s compensation costs, Reducing lost workdays, and Limiting equipment damage and product loss

Walkway Practitioner for Business Owners & Proprietors

Minimize slip, trip, and fall risks for your employees and customers so you can protect your business and enjoy peace of mind.